Thursday, December 29, 2005


Today is the day of my first blog. it is also two days before a new year begins. A new year that might include a wedding and a house and my life being changed forever. So, ya know how people talk about cold feet and how the groom is the one that the week before or day before freeks out and isn't sure about the whole commitment thing. Well, I am not quite engaged yet and have freeked out about the whole rest of my life thing. That is intense! So, my parents haven't always made marriage seem like a desireable union and they are currently in process of getting "legally seperated". What the heck! I am just like... ok, you both need to grow up and remember what commitment you made to eachother and stop being so selfish and think of each other instead of what your own selfish nature wants every single moment of the day. Wouldn't that be cool if we could be so selfless. Selflessness is like Jesus... and I want to be like that. So, as for the whole marriage thing... I am certain that God will be the center of our marrige so it will be ok. I am still a bit nervous. But God will give me the peace I need. He is faithful. Thank you Lord!