Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Florida with Jo

I had the joy of taking a holiday with one of my dearest friends. I met my friend Jo in Florida and we stayed in a beautiful time share thanks to her mum and dad. It was a brilliant time filled with laughter, sunshine, and Disney. The trip was so relaxing. I spent many hours relaxing by the pool and soaking up the sunshine. The best part about my trip was spending time with dear Josephine. She lives in Edinburgh so I don't get to see her very often. It was perfect timing for both of us to have some time together. I did get to see Disney as well. It was joyous! I wish I could relive parts of this holiday again and again. I will just have to count it as an amazing blessing and get on with my life again. I hope you enjoying looking at some of the fun we had. It was glorious!

so much laughter

driving along in an automobile

so silly

our balcony

by the pool

attitude. strike a pose.

palm trees

Jo loves her Heinz

silly Jo at Coco Beach

Glorious Florida sunshine!

crazy friends united once again! I love you Josephine!

Jo and I and our sexy black car! I rode in the car with Jo for all eight days. She is from the UK. I lived! Just teasing you Jo!

one of the best times of my life at Typhoon Lagoon!

waiting for the fireworks at Epcot. so much fun!

us and the shinny ball! I love shinny things!

wrestling a crocodile. pay no attention to it being made of shrubbery and fluff

me and Cinderella's Castle!

floating around the water park

Me and Mickey and Minnie :)

Jo and Mickey and Minnie

photo booth at Disney World. Too much fun was had that day!

trying on hats at Walmart... we left them in Florida for all of the retirees

Our huge bed at the condo

Jo and I by the pond at our timeshare