Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Above All Else

Tonight as I was trying to learn a few songs for a womens retreat I have the joy of helping lead worship at this coming weekend... I was struck by the words of this song. It is a song that I want to reflect my life and how I live each day. I want to remember each day that nothing this world could ever offer can come close to the greatest treasure that is our sweet Jesus. My prayer is that "my goals will bow down" and surrender to the will of the Lord continually. I want to say "above all else give me yourself" Lord! More than anything! Help me to see what your perfect will for my life is. Thank you for showering your goodness on me and giving your gifts so freely. May I live my life as a testimony to your goodness and walk in accordance to your will. You do hear my hearts cry Lord. Thank you for giving me Yourself.

Above All Else by Vicky Beeching

Jesus, my passion in life is to know You
May all other goals bow down to
This journey of loving You more
Jesus, You’ve showered Your goodness on me
Given Your gifts so freely
But there’s one thing I’m longing for
Hear my heart’s cry
And my prayer for this life

Above all else
Above all else
Above all else
Give me Yourself

Savior, the more that I see Your beauty
The more that I glimpse Your glory
My heart is captured by You
Jesus, You are my greatest treasure
Nothing this world can offer
Could ever compare to You
So, hear my heart’s cry
And my prayer for this life

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year New...

A new year is always so exciting. Its like having a fresh canvas to paint a picture on. I am hoping that this years picture will be full of life with outlines of humor, shades of dear friendships, and refined with many opportunities for growth.
New things are fun! Getting a new outfit can make you feel snazzy, wearing new shoes can comfort your step or take some time getting used to, meeting new friends can bring sweet blessings and many unforgettable memories. I am hoping for more of the relational memories. As much as I love a new pair of shoes or an outfit... they are only going to last so long before I will be required to replace them.
As for relationships... they can blossom and grow and give back. A shoe or outfit isn't going to give anything back to me. But a relationship can be reasons for character building and sharpening of each others faith while bringing great joy. Yes. That is what I am hoping for. Many more moments in all of my relationships with friends that will be opportunities for us to impact each others lives. Sure I am not going to get through those times without heaps of laughter and silliness... I just am hopeful of a great year of growth.
One of my friends wrote that she is going to conscientiously live in the present (so beautifully named: a gift). I love that! How many times in my life do I take for granted that I am going to have many years to do all of these things that are on my heart or feel called to do in the future?... I am living in today not in the future. I need to be mindful of today and live it to the fullest not thinking about all of the times ahead that I will have. Its not like I know how many days the Lord has planned for me. What am I doing with those days that He has so graciously gifted to me?
This next year is full of mystery and wonder. I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for my life. I am working a new job as an assistant manager at a cafe, while going to college to attain a nursing degree, and trying to squeeze in as many opportunities to spend time with friends as possible. In a few weeks my best friend will be coming home from a few scattered years away in Russia. I am so excited to get to spend time with her again! And even more excited to get to know her husband.
This past year God has done much work in my life... I am excited to see what He has in store for 2008. My prayer is that I yield myself to the things that He has for me and not walk in my own way but in the footsteps He has prepared for me. Thank you Lord for your grace that is new every morning. You make all things new. This new year will be an adventure. Thank you Lord for making things seem less intimidating. With you a new year is exciting, full of blessings, and endless opportunities. Bring em on God. Cheers to a new year! Cheers to walking each day conscientiously in the steps the Lord has all ready gone before us and prepared the way! May each day be full of blessings!
Its gonna be great in 2008! (cheesy I know... but its a phrase we have up at the cafe that I wanted to document in my blog :P)