Thursday, November 29, 2007

Merry Elfin Christmas!

Hey, I just made a total elf of myself. Check it out by clicking the link below.

a beautiful quilt

Today as I was finishing my second day of training at CF Cafe I was struck by the beauty of the people that were gathered in the room. It was as if all these people had been carefully chosen as a quilter would select squares for a quilt. Some were gathered a few months ago, others were placed in the hands of the quilter by friends or family, and still others fell into place just before the final pieces were to be sewn together. The end result... beautiful! This master quilter did not select just any squares. These squares were to be used in His kingdom. These squares had been woven together layer by layer and each one had a message stitched into its center. Each message alone would not be complete. But together the message of this quilt read clearly and spoke into the hearts of every soul who saw this quilt. This quilt was something that was looked at by many. Each square discovered that its messages when stitched together with the other squares enhanced the beauty of the quilt. The quilt would never have existed had it not been for the delicate and deliberate selection of each individual square by the master quilter. Each square alone was still just a square. Together the squares became a message that would resound in the hearts all who gazed upon it. It was a message that spoke differently to everyone who read it but still managed to work its way into their hearts.
As I look back at what God has done to bring all of us together at the Cafe I am excited and in awe of His plans. I had no predetermined ideas of how all of us would connect, I had no expectations of divine appointments being scheduled. It has only been two days and I can already see the intricacy the Lord has been working on for months. He has chosen each one of us to work side by side. As we are "knit together" the awesomeness of the Lords plan will become more clear. Our messages will only ring stronger as we connect. Each one of us remains stitched together with the most loving care as only our Father can.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A funny essay I wrote last year


Finding ones mate is an important part in the life of most male and female persons. As to how one can obtain a mate is the reason this essay is being composed. I have been fortunate enough to know multiple couples who have found each other through cyberspace. Each has a unique story and will cement the idea that finding your mate starts with logging onto your home or office computer.

Option One. Chat Room. Find an interesting chat room that is not trashy or crude and strike up a conversation with another chat room visitor. Remember to use your manners and to avoid stupid pick up lines such as, "I lost my number, can I borrow yours." Be sure to dazzle the other chatter with your quick wit and sensitivity. Soon enough simple chatting will open doors to a lifetime romance. The couple that I know who met in a chat room have been married for seven years now and have three children. They are happy and more in love each day; thus proving, that chat rooms are a perfectly good option for finding your mate.

Option Two. . Such websites are meant to maintain an understanding of who you are through many questions delving through the layers of what makes you… you. Subsequently comparing your answers with the answers of other site patrons you will be matched with someone who compliments you in all areas. And you might even get to see a photo of the person who is so perfectly suits you. It will only costs you $39.99 (per month) to look into his or her eyes and be swept off your feet. Knowing you are matched in multiple areas ensures you will live happily ever after. The couple that I know who met on have been married for three years now. They are happy and more in love each day; thus proving, that match sites are a perfectly good option for finding your mate.

Option Three. Write an ad in such hosts as Yahoo Personals. Be sure to write a clever catch phrase to draw admirers to your ad. Write as much or as little as you want someone else to know about you. Feel free to share intimate details such as your favorite color, movies, and vacation spots. Including information about hopes and dreams is completely up to you. Surely the details of your ad will capture the attention of your soul mate. The couple that I know who met through a personal ad have been married for three weeks now. They are happy and more in love each day; thus proving that personal ads are a perfectly good option for finding your soul mate.

Now you understand that the internet is a gold mine for those in search of a mate. Don't waste any more time. Get on the computer. Venture into a chat room. Fill out a questionnaire. Write a personal ad. You have nothing to loose except finding the love of your life. If after you have tried all of the options I listed and you still can't find your mate, I have only one conclusion. Your mate does not have a computer.