Monday, August 14, 2006

On my knees again and again and again and...

So this weekend my dad told me that he is engaged to be married to a lady that is not my mother... a lady that I do not see how God could want them to be together. I know that God can still do a work in my parents marriage. I am praying that God will break through my dads heart and pull the blinders off his eyes. I pray that each day God will make his relationship with Terry seem lacking in every area and that God will put in his heart a desire to restore his relationship with my mom. I know that God doesn't want divorce so I know that God wants my parents to forgive eachother for all of the past hurts and to grow together in the LORD again. I am praying for a miracle and God is in the business of miracles so I am hopeful and claiming a miracle for my parents. God is able to do more than we can hope or imagine. Thank you LORD for that promise. You are my strength and my song! I will get down on my knees and continue to pray... thank you LORD for not giving up on my family. You want to see both of my parents fully surrendered to your will and I will continue to pray for that. You have a plan to prosper and not to harm, a plan to give a hope and a future... and that includes my parents.
I pray that any walls to block, any wax build up to stop hearing, and any lies from the devil would be lost and not make there way into my dads ears or heart. That he would only be able to hear truth from you LORD! I know that you are ABLE! And you say ask and you will recieve. So I am asking LORD! I am asking for you to do a mighty work in my dad! Please LORD! Do YOUR will have YOUR way in his life! Thank you LORD!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

the best place to be

So after a few months I am going to update this thing again.
I am currently preparing to start school in the fall and have lined up my job to decrease hours and figured out my schedule. I just need to hear back from my financial aid application to find out when I can sign up for classes.
My best friend Sonja is home for a couple months and it has blessed my soul to have her close by again. She is a kidred spirit and God has continually used her in my life to sharpen me and likewise.
I have moved to a house downtown P-town with a great friend that I have known most of my life. Cherm. And we live on the top floor of an old 1922 craftman style house while the owners of the house remodel the downstairs. They are not living there yet and I think if things keep going at this pace it might be another year before they actually inhabit the house.
As for me and God...
I am so glad that I finally am back to a place of surrender and focusing on God's best for my life... and His wants and desires for me... not my own wants and desires. I am trusting and seeking God for wisdom continually and want to do His will in my life. Since God has brought me back to seeking His face I am at peace about life and trusting Him even through the hard times in life.
A few months ago my parents divorced each other for the second time. It wasn't hard in the beginning and then as my dad started dating someone and I started praying for my family God revealed His heart for my family. God told me about how Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy... but God has come to heal, give life to the fullest, and to restore! God showed me that He has a plan for my family to prosper them and not to harm them. He also showed me...

Matthew16: 24 Then Jesus said to the disciples, "If any of you wants to be my follower, you must put aside your selfish ambition, shoulder your cross, and follow me. If you try to keep your life for yourself, you will lose it. But if you give up your life for me, you will find true life. And how do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul in the process? Is anything worth more than your soul? For I, the Son of Man, will come in the glory of my Father with his angels and will judge all people according to their deeds."

We must die to our flesh and will only find true fulfillment when we live only for Christ.
God has given me a passion to pray for my family and boldness to speak to my dad about the things God has revealed to me.
God has also showed me a new picture of a marriage. A marriage is like a house. A house needs maintinance all the time. You mow the lawn and it has to be mowed again in a couple weeks. You clean out the gutters in the fall... you will still have to clean the gutters out again. It isn't a one time deal. You have to continually work to keep it cleaned and maintained. Also, if you don't clean a bathroom for a month... when you finally get to it, the cleaning process will require much more sweat, and take more time, and it will be so much dirtier. It makes so much more sense to continually focus on the cleaning process of your marriage. I hope and pray that in my marriage (some day... only God knows when) that my husband and I will be able to "clean house" regularly. God is so cool to reveal things to His kids.

So also since we moved downtown P-town we started a Monday night prayer night and now we are moving the date to Sunday night at 8pm. So you are more than welcome to come and bring anyone who wants to pray. It has been amazing to see how God leads our time of prayer each week. He has made each week unique and I can only imagine what is happening in the heavenlies because of the prayers that are being lifted up.
Please continue to pray for me and my family and that God would show me my purpose in my family and that I would walk boldly and humbly in that role. Also please pray for me as I am getting ready to start school and that God would remind me continually that he did not give me a spirit of fear, but a spirit of a sound mind, and self discipline, and self control. I know God will equip me as I start this next adventure in my life.
God is so good!
I will continue to say... the best place to be is in His will and that is where I continually strive to be!