Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pursuit of Me

I am a hopeless romantic... so sue me. I am a girl who wants (as one of my favorite musicians JJ Heller once wrote) someone "who'll love me for me, not for what I have done or what I will become". Yes, I am blessed to have the LOVE of an amazing Heavenly Father, yet, I do want to be loved by a man here on this amazing Earth! That is not too much to ask. I don't think so anyway. No my eggs are not withering and dying off. I am still a young fertile girl. I don't need to go off and get things "harvested". I am just searching for someone who will bring a smile to my face and whom I can see God using both of our lives together to make a difference in this world for His glory. Yeah, I am an optimist. I won't let this world bring me down. So what if most of my friends are married! That doesn't mean that I have passed my prime and am stuffed into the category of being an old maid! I have so much to offer! These past couple weeks I have woken up to the concept that someone pursuing me is exactly what I want. To be his first thought in the morning, to be his last call before he turns in for the night, to be the object of someones affection. That is a precious thing! Something that I hope every person in my life gets to experience. I think about all that I can do as just one person. What if I had someone with a like mind who was committed to similar passions? What if there was someone to push me out of my comfort zone and challenge me more in my faith? I see myself growing with this someone even before we have met. I don't know why some people are "called" to be single and others are not. I just know that I don't feel that call... I feel the call of being a mother and a nurturer. I feel the call of being a lover of my husband through better and worse. I feel the call to reach out to nations hurting and in search of a Saviour. I feel the call to be a friend and mentor to the younger generations. I feel the call of teaching the difference between what the world views as love and what the bible teaches about love. I feel the call to share my life as an open book and say "to HELL with you devil! God already has the Victory and gets ALL the Glory in my life!!" I feel the call to take medical care and knowledge anywhere that the Lord leads me.
I don't know how it's all going to work out. I am just hoping that my partner in ministry and just every day little things is someone I get to know soon. This adventure called life is more fun when you have someone special to share it with. So... someone... my special someone... come in pursuit of me! :)